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The Pearl Beach Inn Blog Post

Fun at the Pearl Beach Inn with Lindy Miller

Our Manager Lindy is a one of a kind person! She is always a favorite of the guests and a wonderful staff member here at The Pearl Beach Inn on Manasota Key.

We hope there is some new and interesting information in here for those of you who already know and love Lindy like we do! Otherwise we hope you enjoy this fun blog to get to know our Manager Lindy!

Lindy was born in London England. Her Father a comedian named Cardew ''The Cad'' Robinson. She grew up with the likes of Peter Sellers and Michael Cane coming to her house! Many of our British guests remember him well! Her mother was a dancer. Lindy went to a performing arts school and became a singer & dancer herself. She traveled extensively with a dance troupe and went to over 35 countries!

Lindy then earned a degree N.N.E.B (Nursery nursing education board) and became a professional nanny for ten years while raising her 3 kids. Lindy also helped raise her sister's 2 kids when she passed away. The kids were only 10 and 12 years old.

Always on the move, Lindy moved to Miami at the age of 28 and continued dancing and joined a band and sang with them at local spots for over 5 years. She then became a licensed massage therapist for 18 years.

Her next move would be to Englewood Florida in 2012 where she would fall in love with Manasota Key. One day while riding her bike on Manasota Key she rode past The Pearl Beach Inn and had to go inside.

Lindy had always dreamt she would work in a beachfront hotel. Although she had little experience, she told the manager that she loved people and that she was a quick learner! He said he wasn't hiring, but after a two hour chat he hired her on the spot!  

Working at The Pearl Beach Inn has been her favorite job she has ever had. She loves each and every one of the rooms and can only choose her favorite based on her mood!

Her love of creatures great and small led The Pearl Beach Inn to install the "Lizard Crossing" sign to help stop lizard accidents. So make sure to watch your rolling luggage and where you step!

Lindy's love of music can still be seen daily when she is rocking out to Pandora songs in The Pearl's office! Guests often will check in on her as she sings & dances around. All of her 3 children are musicians including her oldest son who goes by the stage name "Wrekonize."

Her favorite season is summer. She said "summer of course!" so how bad could our Florida summers really be? She also said "I wish it could be summer all year long."

Lindy's response to her favorite color and flower were perfect Lindy: "I love everything!"

Lindy grew up with music and laughter her whole life and that's what she wants her legacy to be. She wants to spread happiness to everyone!

More Fun Lindy Facts:

She dances every morning while she gets ready for her day!

Lindy has no favorite time of day because she loves all the times of day.

She moved to Sarasota and now has to drive an hour there and an hour back!

Her favorite drink is wine, but she also enjoys a good Bloody Mary.
Lindy is a minimalist to the extreme. She has one box in her room and that's it!

Lindy's motto is: ''Always keep your passport current!''  She was very glad that she took this advice when her mother called and said her travel partner could not make the trip to Thailand. Her Mum said "drop everything and get to the airport in two hours, we are going to Thailand for 3 weeks!"

Come stay with us at The Pearl Beach Inn on Manasota Key to get a one of a kind vacation experience! The Pearl is Lindy's favorite spot in the world and it will be yours as well! We hope to see you soon!

Here is Lindy narrating a video taken by a drone over Manasota Key!

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Saturday October 23, 2021