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Find Fossilized Shark Teeth on Florida's Gulf Coast

Millions of years ago Florida was once covered by water. These waters were full of sharks, many of which produced over 20,000 teeth during their lifetime! Eventually the sea gave way to land and the skeletons disintegrated, but their fossilized teeth remained.

Venice Florida is referred to as "The Fossilized Shark Tooth Capital of the World." This is because of the fossil layer that exists off of the Venice coast. The constant waves and storms drive the fossilized shark teeth onto shore.

Some of the best spots to find these teeth are on Casey Key, Venice Island & Manasota Key. You will find them on the beach itself mixed in with shells and other treasures from the sea. A shark tooth sifter is recommended for serious searching and is available locally at bait shops, hardware stores and even some gas stations.

You can find anything from small fossilized teeth from an extinct Mako Shark all the way up to large valuable Megalodon Teeth as big as your hand! Wake up early to search the beach before everyone else wakes up or search when the tide is rising for the best results.

The majority of these fossilized shark teeth are tens of millions of years old. Find the teeth of Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks & many more species right in the surf!

Many people report finding hundreds of teeth in a matter of a few hours. This success rate allows this to be a wonderful way to spend some time on the beach with kids. Teach them about marine life and the history of Florida while finding keepsakes they will have for the rest of their lives!

At The Pearl Beach Inn on Manasota Key, we provide a shark tooth sifter for our guests to search our beach for fossilized shark teeth. Teeth of all shapes and sizes have been found right on our beach! Walk the beach 2 miles to the north to Manasota Key Beach or 2 miles south to Blind Pass Beach or remain near our beach for privacy and less shark tooth hunters!

Come experience a Florida tradition unlike any other and find history right on our beaches!

Main Blog Photo taken by Pearl Beach Inn Guest Christine King!

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Saturday October 23, 2021