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Beach Safety Tips

Safety needs to be your priority in every situation. This especially applies to the beach because bad things can still happen on vacation!

Avoid Swimming in the Dark

The rule is to only swim a half hour after sunrise to a half hour before sunset. Predators like sharks are more active at night. You should also be able to see where you are swimming. Murky waters are also to be avoided.

Be Prepared for Rip Currents

Avoid swimming near jetties and piers if possible. Those are spots where natural rip currents can occur frequently. 

If you are taken by a rip current, do not fight the current. Swim parallel to the shore until the current lets you go. Once you are out of the current, you will be able to swim to shore.

Know Your Terrain

Hidden coral & rock structures will ruin your beach vacation as quickly as anything else. Make sure to avoid murky water and walk slowly to be able to adjust if you feel something that could be sharp.

Don't Swim with Open Wounds

Infection is possible, especially if the water is warm.

Beware of Collapsing Sand

Adults and children have died because of collapsing sand. Avoid digging large holes or going into or through large sand structures. Sand is incredibly heavy, wet sand is even heavier. Never leave a child unattended at the beach!

Sunburn Prevention

A sunny day at the beach is always a welcome sight but make sure to protect your skin! Sunburn and sun poisoning can happen in as little as 10 minutes! Use a high SPF sunscreen and apply it properly when dry. Re-apply during the day as much as possible.

Remember to stay safe using these tips on your beach day and you will have a wonderful beach vacation! Stay with us right on the beach! We are located on Manasota Key, an enchanting barrier island off the Gulf Coast with no traffic lights! Come experience all southwest Florida has to offer!

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Saturday October 23, 2021