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The Pearl Beach Inn Blog Post

Alligator Adventures in Myakka Park

Myakka River State Park is located off of Route 72 about 10 minutes east of I-75. This is 32 miles and about an hour drive from The Pearl Beach Inn. 

The park is home to hundreds of American Alligators. It is contains many other lizards, including ones that pet owners thought were too big to keep. It is also known as a skunk ape (bigfoot) hotspot

It is also home to some lovely airboat tours with two of the World's largest (read safest) airboats. This is the best way to safely see alligators here. You can many times see a few of them on the opposite shore from Pink Gator Cafe & Myakka Outpost, Inc near the airboat tour area for a free and safe peek at these creatures.

There is a large tower in the park you can climb to get a one of a kind view from above the forest canopy. Many miles of paths can take you all over the area on a bike or on foot. A former park ranger once told me that you should bring a walking stick at minimum at all times in the park.

WARNING: We do NOT recommend the next two adventure options. They are only for the bravest of the brave. We want to see you back at The Pearl Beach Inn again and again! We do NOT recommend these options!

Some people like to tempt fate by kayaking the Myakka River. It isn't a question of if there are alligators close by, it's a question of how many are nearby. We certainly wouldn't recommend catching alligator food and dragging it towards you and your kayak, but the fishing can be excellent. Just remember that you are surrounded by alligators that can flip your kayak and eat you at all times.

Deep Hole

This place sounds terrifying. A small lake that is estimated to be about 130 feet deep is full of alligators. You can find well over 100 at most times. No one knows exactly why and no one is willing to dive into it for any more information. We may never know.

Does this sound like somewhere you would like to go? Well, you can. 

Make sure to get to the park early because only 30 passes are given out each day. Call the park at (941) 361-6511 the day before to make sure the path will be open in the morning. According to other people you will take a dirt road for a few miles to get to Deep Hole.

We think the rest should be saved for those brave enough to make the trip. Again, we don't recommend it. 

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Saturday October 23, 2021