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The Pearl Beach Inn Blog Post

15 Southwest Florida Adventures (That Aren't A Beach)

Southwest Florida is so much more than just world class beaches! All kinds of entertaining adventures await you inland. We've got you covered when you want to take a break from the beach!

(1) Self Guided Food Tour

Discover fresh seafood, 4-star dining & more at some incredible fine dining restaurants all over Southwest Florida. Pick a few of your favorites, schedule in a happy hour and let your taste buds run wild!

(2) Legacy Trail

Experience the beautiful Legacy Trail, a 11+ mile paved bike/walking trail that connects Venice to South Sarasota. Rent bikes in Venice or bring your own. Make sure to bring plenty of water.

(3) Wineries 

Did you know Florida has wineries and a style of wine all its own? Although Florida isn't riddled with wineries as far as the eye can see, how many wineries do you really need while on vacation? Designate a driver and head to these spots to sample some of Florida's finest vinos!

(4) Golfing

Hit the links and enjoy golfing every month of the year! Southwest Florida has challenging courses for you to play.

(5) Spa Day

We can't mention golf without bringing up the amazing spas around this area. You are here to relax! Take advantage of all the comforts of a Florida beach vacation.

(6) Fruit Picking

Florida is a great spot to grow certain fruits & vegetables! Blueberries & strawberries in particular grow well here in Southwest Florida. Seasons vary, but strawberries tend to be in winter or early spring and blueberries are available in spring and early summer. U Pick is popular and a fun way to spend a beautiful Florida day with family or friends!

(7) Brewery Tour

There's a guided tour available or hit up the local breweries of Southwest Florida with a designated driver! You can also do some tasting at Alligator Bay Distillery in Punta Gorda!

(8) See Ligers at the Big Cat Habitat

What's a Liger? It's a big cat that has a tiger and lion as their parents. These majestic creatures and more are at the Big Cat Habitat along I-75 in Sarasota. Don't miss out!

(9) Farlow's on the Water

This scenic spot in Englewood is just one of our favorite restaurants anywhere. Make sure to check them out if you are near Englewood, Venice or Manasota Key.

(10) Birding

Florida is an international birding hotspot, especially in the winter. Identify any bird species you see by using the guides in this blog.

(11) Babcock Ranch

Watch this YouTube video on the Florida town of the future!

(12) Warm Mineral Springs

Check out this spot in North Port to swim in some soothing relaxing warm water.

(13) Myakka Park

Boat tours are available if you want to see more alligators than the ones at the landing. You can also sign up for a walking tour to see the "Deep Hole." What is the "Deep Hole" you ask? It's a small lake of unknown depth full of countless alligators. If this sounds like a dangerous adventure, we agree. We have personally done the boat tour and can tell you that it's the much safer option.

(14) Historic Spanish Point

Thousands of years of history are right under your feet at Spanish Point north of Venice. You have the history of the native people of the area as well as colonial history of the settlers in the 1800s. Make sure you take the free tour! It's worth the price of admission to the park.

(15) Water Parks

We said no beaches, but if you need to cool off in the water we recommend water parks. There is surely one within a half hour of wherever you may be in Southwest Florida and they are much safer than swimming in any lake or river in Florida.

(Bonus/Seasonal) Farmer's Markets

There are seasonal Farmer's Markets in Englewood, Venice, Sarasota & North Port!

There are even more fun adventures around this part of Florida!

You can also follow Mom Explorers SWFL for more fun things to do around Southwest Florida with young kids! She even has a top 100 list!

Discover them in these blogs.

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Saturday October 23, 2021