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The Pearl Beach Inn Blog Post

11 Simple Fun Beach Games for Kids

Every parent knows there is a real chance that their children may not want to just sit and relax on the beach. Here are 11 beach games for kids to keep them busy and safe!

*Children of all ages should be watched at all times at the beach. Riptides, bacteria, other people and getting trapped by sand are real dangers that exist on any beach!*

1) Fill the Bucket

The winner is the first to overfill the bucket with water they bring from the surf! Place the buckets an appropriate distance from the shore to ensure that you wear them out!

2) Penny Treasure Search

Bring a bunch of pennies and hide them in the sand in a designated area. Let the kids find them and see who discovers the most!

3) Cloud Looks Like

Lay back and watch for clouds that look like objects and people!

4) Tennis Ball Hot Potato

Don't let the tennis ball fall!

5) Beach Frisbee Golfing

All you'll need for this game is a target and a few frisbees! Set the target up and let everyone get a throw at the target! Closest wins! First to one million wins is the winner! :)

6) Velcro Catch Set

Who didn't have a Velcro catch set growing up? It's a time honored tradition to play this game at the beach and that should continue!

7) Bird Watching

Make a list and/or take a photo of the different birds you see on the beach.

8) Sand Sculpture Contest

Make teams and see who can make the best sand sculpture or work of art!

9) Ring Toss Game

Get some plastic or mesh rings and toss them at a stick or pole!

10) Name Writing

Have your children write their names in the sand with shells and treasures they find from the sea! Then have them write more names. Any name will do!

11) Whiffle Ball

Grab a whiffle ball and bat before you head to the beach for some fun! Use a towel or t-shirt for home plate and come up with your own rules based on number of players and space on the beach!

You'll have your kids entertained for hours on the beach with these games! Remember to go over proper beach safety and etiquette with your children before you go!

Our beach at The Pearl Beach Inn rarely has many people on it but these rules still apply!

Beach Rules:
  • Stay in view
  • Give others some personal space
  • Be aware of other people when throwing or hitting a ball
  • Stay away from people fishing and watch out for hooks
  • Don't speak to strangers
  • Be careful of swimming too far out
  • Shuffle your feet to scare off stingrays
  • Avoid saltwater if you have open wounds or if you are bleeding
  • Don't swim in the dark

Stay with us right on the beach at The Pearl Beach Inn! We are located on Manasota Key in Florida and have direct beach access! 

Vacation with us and find fossilized shark teeth and shells right on our beach steps away from your room!

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Saturday October 23, 2021